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Star Rogue is an upcoming sci-fi roguelike platformer for PC, Linux and Mac.

In this challenging pixel indie game you will take control over a brave space marine to investigate an abandoned space station full of traps, robots and aliens. In each playthrough you will encounter a different environment full of randomly arranged rooms. With the choice between several weapons, abilites and different items, your playing experience will be unique each time you play.

Choose between several looks, specialisations, skills and weapons

  • Different worlds with randomly arranged rooms full of obstacles and traps
  • Over 80 different passive and active items
  • Different background stories to give you a motivation
  • Lots of enemies and bosses to defeat
  • Many unlocks for all the collectors out there
Published Oct 25, 2015
StatusIn development
TagsRoguelike, Sci-fi


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Decent game, could use some work. Rather than set the enemy's position to act like knockback, you should apply force to it to make it look smoother. ^w^